Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Worthwhile Articles

In thumbing my way through some past Economist and Foreign Policy magazines, I found a few articles that I thought would be worthwhile to share.

The Economist:

Dark Days Ahead-- The Looming Electricity Crunch in Great Britain

As Dr. Livingstone Presumed-- The Origins of Malaria

Don't Blame Your Genes-- The Origin of Diabetes: They may simply be getting bad instructions-- from you

Thanks be to D.C.-- Statewatch: Maryland

Where It All Began-- America's Housing Market: Signs of stabilisation should not obscure the big problems still ahead.

Tight Corners-- Monetary Policy: Which central bank will raise interest rates first?

A New Growth Industry?--The Virtues of Biochar: Biochar could enrich soils and cut greenhouse gases as well

Charge!-- Electric Cars: Car makers are shifting towards electric vehicles. Policymakers must do their part, too.

The Electric-Fuel-Trade Acid Test: After many false starts, battery-powered cars seem here to stay. Are they just an interesting niche product, or will they turn motoring upside down?

Lost in Transition: Japan's people are trapped in the past. Their new government must help secure them a future.

3-D: It's Nearly There

Foreign Policy:


Axis of Upheaval:

Samuel Huntington: A Tribute

China's Team of Rivals

Asia's Rise

1979: The Great Backlash

The Death of Macho

The Fall and Rise and Fall Again of the Baltic States

The Failed States Index 2009

Oil: The Long Goodbye

Summer Reading of Our Discontent

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